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Liz, yo
11 April 2010 @ 09:33 am
Sassy has been missing since Tuesday. She and Lulu got out because my idiot sister left the cellar door open. Because Sassy can be skittish and because she's never been out before, it's been my belief from the start that she's either too afraid to come back or she simply doesn't know what home looks like on the outside. Steve says he saw her under the neighbor's shed a few nights back, but we haven't seen or heard anything since. We let all the neighbors know and gave them a picture of her. I handed out fliers to the local vet offices and the animal control officer posted her picture and info on their website. I go out in the middle of the day with a can of food and call for her, then hang around for a bit in case she doesn't want to come out if I'm making noise, and I go out at night for a while in case she won't come out until it's dark. There isn't a whole lot left that we can do but wait, and we're kind of losing hope. We miss her a lot.
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