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Liz, yo
09 March 2010 @ 07:31 am
Let's take a minute here to talk about line politics and how last night's line can only fall under the category of 'shenanigans'. The last time I was in a line that bullshit, it was when we went to see Bi in NYC and I started having nightmare flashbacks of 'have your ticket/receipt ready, stand in this line, no now follow them to that line, check in here, let me search your bag for anything that might ever resemble a weapon in any universe, and yes that includes the make-up case, no now move over there, new line people, hey, aren't you here to see Billy Joel? DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M HERE TO SEE BILLY JOEL!?'


I'm sorry, but after we go out of our way to follow proper line etiquette and go to the back when we totally could have cut someone else, other people cutting us leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Which we then satisfied with multiple pieces of half-chewed gum that we dropped behind their shoes so they would walk all over it. I'm not saying I'm a bitter cunt, I'm just saying don't fuck with this shit at midnight when I have to get up at five. Enjoy your mint-scented shoes, assholes.

Also, I changed my layout yesterday. I'm beginning to smell something stanny around here. And I think it's me.
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