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Liz, yo
03 March 2010 @ 07:31 am
Alright, BEAST. I like the Shock MV, and I like the mini, even though my favorite track off it is Special and nobody else seems to like it. A lot of comments I've seen say that it's too similar to Shock and it's boring or something like that, idefk. I just like the way it sounds, so oh well.

Of course, a new look means I'll have to change my layout soon. But I kind of don't want to because I'm just too lazy. Simple as that.

I'm sure a handful of people are aware that any BEAST entry to this journal has to come down to Stripes sooner or later. Let me just state something for the record. There is absolutely nothing about Stripes that I like at all. I cannot support anything he does because he's strange and full of himself and has an extreme!bloated head that makes awesome hats look bad. And that thing he does with his voice where it randomly goes like two octaves higher than it absolutely has to? My forehead connects with the keyboard every time he does it. I mean, this man is annoying to me on every possible level.

But. There were like three brief moments in the new MV where I thought he was kind of legit adorable. Even with that hair. And thank you, Stripes, for wearing stripes again. You make my heart swoon with your life failure.
: happyhappy