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Liz, yo
17 February 2010 @ 06:32 am
I think my family is sick of hearing about Plushenko. I must have asked them "you know Plushenko is coming back, right? :D" like at least ten times each before the Olympics started and "I'm so excited for Plushenko!" was the line of choice until last night. Look, I realize I have a problem, and that he has a massive nose, and that he's not even from my country, but this man is like seventeen kinds of amazing. I was nearly destroyed when I found out he was on hiatus. It's like, man, you are too young to give up now. D: But his monologue last night about his fast car and his "enemies" was so brilliant. He was like, HAHA YES I AM AWESOME. Man after my own heart right there.

On the topic of Olympic sports figures that make me swoon, I reserve a special part of my heart for Apolo Ohno. Nobody I talk to online knows who he is though, which I can't even accept as a possibility, because everyone I talk to loves Asians and/or dancing, and he hits both. I love that he's been in commercials in the past year because he was set for participating in the Olympics and everyone wanted his face on everything. Because I love commercials. And him. So my mother would call me into her room every time she found one just to show me. I reserve most of my love for the DayQuil/NyQuil ones:

I also feel I should mention my hair twin, Shaun White. Not because he makes me swoon, because he doesn't, but just so that I can announce that I've been calling him my hair twin. It's pretty exciting for me, because my last hair twin was Carrot Top and, let's face it, that needed to change. And he's on today. So... excited. ^^
: jubilantjubilant
Liz, yo
17 February 2010 @ 08:54 am
Like, seriously, how can you not find this fucking frightening? I think, if I walked into my room and saw that, I would shit my god damn pants. And then curl up in a corner and cry while I stewed in my own poo.
: scaredscared