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Liz, yo
15 January 2010 @ 02:45 pm
I didn't have the dream I wanted to have last night. The dream bulgocrazyi and I had planned had the potential to be the greatest thing I would have ever experienced. But, as it usually tends to be in the case of wanting to dream about something, none of that happened.

In fact, my dream was... so strange. So very, very strange. You see, I was piloting a Gundam Double Zeta and Chansung was piloting a Titan colored Gundam Mark II and we were floating somewhere out in space because his suit has just lost a leg or something and he kept yelling something in Korean that I couldn't understand but (from what he managed in English) I think it was something along the lines of him not wanting me to leave him alone out there. And I was like, oh come on. That bitch still moves if it loses a leg. It's like you've never piloted a mother fucking Mark II before or something.

And then Char and Zechs showed up in Nu Gundam and Gundam Epyon (respectively), which doesn't totally make sense, but I was floating in space with a boyband idol in a god damn mobile suit, and it was a dream, so who am I to judge the suit stealing possibilities of the storyline? So Team Dreamboat gets it in their heads that they should attack us, and Nu Gundam is a bitch with those funnels so I'm like, shit we're screwed. And Chansung started yelling again like "RED COMET RED COMET" and I just wanted to punch his suit in the face. With my hyper beam saber. So stab him in the face might be more accurate.

At some point, someone called our house and the answering machine woke me up and all I can remember was muttering something about getting new orders, and then I fell back asleep and into that dream again where I proceeded to tell Chansung that we had to leave like pronto and suddenly the Mark II had its leg back (not that it really mattered, cause that shit could have moved without it) and we were supermanning through space.

I don't remember the rest. It was very strange. And Chansung is a little bitch that needs to learn how to pilot better if he thinks he's going to war with me again. For fucking real.
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