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Liz, yo
10 January 2010 @ 09:51 am
This picture is god damn amazing. Oh, Chansung. Never, ever, change.

NGL, Jiggy is stuck in my head right now. I can't look at them and the MV is god damn ridiculousawful, but the song won't leave me. I feel like it's some kind of virus and I'm going to pop back up like a reanimated corpse after I die or something. ... I need to download this song. Get it on my mp3 player. Pronto. Bring on the zombies.

And the prize for most god damn epic mood theme goes to: dis one right hurrr. It's really a shame that I'm in the middle of making this animated one for bulgocrazyi, because I've pretty much already decided that the only way I can vindicate the loss of all my time making it is to actually use it myself.

This dream, despite the obvious "BORING" stamp on it's forehead, is probably one of the best god damn things that has ever happened to me. Why? Because I had my headphones on while I was sleeping, so I was pressed up against Taec and listening to all my favorite tunes for like seven hours straight. If I could have it again every night, I would.

This neck... item is god damn epic and I wish I owned it. Not because he wore it, because anyone who knows me also knows I don't even really know his name. Actually, I don't want that one. I want an exact copy that he hasn't worn. So that I can wear it when I'm ruling the world from Booty Shorts.

That is all.
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: Jiggy, zombies, JIGGY