August 4th, 2004

BEAST ♦ Hyunseung ♦ Wife

"If we were gay men" indeed

Fantaisie Bleu: lol if we were gay men
Fantaisie Bleu: I'd be uncomfortable
Degac Creep: heh heh
Fantaisie Bleu: I would only want to be a gay man were I to look like... Hyde
Degac Creep: *stare*
Fantaisie Bleu: And you were to look like..
Fantaisie Bleu: name someone
Degac Creep: someone hot?
Fantaisie Bleu: someone really hawt
Degac Creep: Toshiya
Fantaisie Bleu: I knew you'd say that
Degac Creep: hottest beast alive
Fantaisie Bleu: then I'd so mount you
Degac Creep: heh heh awesome

Go me. Getting some "if only I were gay" potential action.
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BEAST ♦ Hyunseung ♦ Wife

The Sift

So I can't stop messing around with these dolls... like, it doesn't matter if they were made to be femme bodies, I always end up somehow making it look like Toshiya / Kao / sometimes both... and this is the result: I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE MY ICONS TRASPARANT, DAMNIT! Go me, go me, go me. *Dances*

And while my first attempt at that failed miserably, I plan to at least try again sometime... anyay, this is an icon post because I haven't posted icons in a while. Over the past week or so I've made over twenty icons of various genres and shapes but I deleted all but these this morning cause they were even crappier than my usual crap... trust me on this, they were just bad.


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I guess that's all for now. Yeah, tell me someone else who gives you in-depth on the creation and background of their icons. That's right cause there is nobody. Again, I rule supreme as a person ... who ... uh... talks...
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