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I seriously haven't talked to anyone all night.

I've been feeling sick the past few days. Getting way too much sleep. I actually feel rested, wtfreak is that? Sleep? Pfft. Sleep is for babies.

Entered a total of 6 icontests this week in addition to the 2 that already have entries submitted but have just... died... and have been that way for weeks. *Cough* This would be a hint and also a nudge. There are three I usually enter but haven't (yet?) because 1. I have no pictures of Al and kitties, 2. I'm far too lazy to pick through my anime pictures for shots to fit these lyrics, and 3. the minimovie theme is "kiss" and I know if I do that one, I'll offend someone... because all my kiss clips are guy on guy...

I don't feel like going to D2H anymore. With Woo Hyuk's solo album's release date looming dangerously close, I feel my property claim slipping away and it's going to get ugly. I never share... except with Tony and that's just a completely different story. A number of stories, in fact... "fics" as we call them in the fandom world.

And new shots of Tony that I don't feel like making an update on house_of_trust or tony_an for. (More people read this journal anyway).
Click it, asshole
I don't care what anyone says, I'm loving the hair. Bringing me back to the old days, it is. You know, back when you could actually see his deformed, radiated ears.
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