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Weak Ass Shit

Or not so weak, actually... I just remember wanting to put something here and thinking "Well, why not have a swear in the title" and then 90210 was distracting me with its stupidness and I forgot the title and "Weak Ass Shit" sounded good... I'm rambling again.

So I realized something earlier.

I was watching Buffy... as I do every morning that I see this hour and Angel was in this particular episode. I wasn't looking at the screen at the time he came on, but typing out part of my story. Then he spoke. Honestly, the first thing that I thought was "SQUALL!?" and my head whipped around with the swiftness.

Of course, I knew he played Leon's voice in Kingdom Hearts, but that doesn't explain the fact that I am such a pathetic loser and I need to stop doing these things... Anyway, the thing that I realized was Angel is only sexy because he played Squall's voice. Because let's face it, he's not a looker... or at least not the kind I like. Way WAY too buff.

Ok, I'm done.
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