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New Layout... booya

March 23rd: Switched from Jae Won layout to Minwoo and Eric layout
April 9th: Switched from Minwoo and Eric layout to Jae Won... of a different flavor...
May 5th: This is worth my while... a full group H.O.T layout... and BLUE.
May 18th: Mamushi love. The first PoT layout in at least a year.
June 4th: Big red BLEACH! My, my... Bleach is taking over.
July 13th: Five tries is not kinda funny. Kang Jung Woo.
July 14th: A new record. Less than 24 hours and now we have Tony.
August 3rd: First time ever... a female in the layout. Kim Min Seon.

Sweet fucking Jesus! THIS IS A GIRL'S LAYOUT! SO PINK! SO... GIRLY!! Eh, I like it. Ladies and gay men, I present another Oulan's Journal First: A female for the layout. Oh yes, and I wouldn't have it be any other female, either... Except maybe Lexy... but she's on a whole different level. I also fucked with the actual elements of the layout this time. Subject line, date, link effects, line spacing... all that good stuff. Now my layout doesn't look like all the ones I've been making you guys. Not that that isn't cool, I just like to be different... and advanced. Lyrics from Jimmy Eat World's "Sweetness" because thats my favorite JEW song.

... I just want you guys to know that I'm still badass regardless of how girly my layout is. I AM AWESOME SO JUST IMAGINE PINK BEING A VERY MANLY COLOR, OK!? I know... I'll put on some really manly American rock music... There. Chevelle.
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