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The Work

Ok so I have a few days free. Let's see what I have backed up for work for you guys.

Backed up:
kigan06 - New layout - DONE
brinbrin - Fred and George icons - DONE

New Projects:
kigan06 - New layout for another journal
tohma_angst - New layout - DONE
brinbrin - Userinfo banner - DONE
_dokidoki_ - New layout - DONE
nandaio - New layout - DONE
punctuates - New layout
iryokuatae - New layout (need to get rest of particulars)

I don't feel compelled to do this list in order so if you're at the top and get done last, oh well.

If anyone else was promised something by me but has not yet recieved it, leave a comment here. Also, if anyone wants to request something from me, now would be the time for that, too. It can be anything you want. Userinfo banner, icons, colorbar... you name it, it's your's... or it will be sometime in the next week.
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