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Fucking.... fangirls

Earlier today, I was watching a movie and just chilling out. I had an away message up detailing my reason for being occupied and thought I could get away with being missing for a little while. Boy was I fucking wrong. Sadly, I did not write down this person's AIM sn so I can't have all my minions destroy them via the internet, but I did, however, cut/paste what was said.

"hey bitch.. why do you say woo hyukk is yours?? dont you know that you are white bitch?? if woo hyukk reallly wanted a fangirl it would be a korean fangirl and not a white fangirl like you are. i think you should take your colorbar off of your user page on live journal because he wont be yours ever. i say this because its obvius your friends dont pity you and dont have it inn them to tell you that you are very wriong. and you are very wrong. and i say this because i have been h.o.t. fan for three years and that means i have been a fan longer than you and i can chose if i get woo hyukk or if you get woo hyukk. and i think you dont because you are white. ok bitch?? so i think you can take that colorbarr off now or i will keep on your ass untill you do bitch. i love woo hyukk very much and dont want him ruined because of you. ok thank you."

*Stare of horror* If you are going to attack me, please oh god please spell his name right. And where the hell did you learn to cuss? Sweet Jesus. And oh god *hold head* the period after the t... I just... *starts to cry* I think these fangirls are just getting dumber as time goes on.

I think I remember her name had like three numbers in it and like the first and last letters were capitals. And I remember it sounded really stupid. Ah, I hope she IMs me again so I can rip her a new one.


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