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Lexy is my bitch. She's four hundred times hotter than Hyori. End.

No wait, give me a minute here to deface a picture...

DarkMsy: she's not as cute as Hyori, but she's cute
Degac Creep: she's not cute
Degac Creep: she's hot
DarkMsy: whatever
Degac Creep: no, not whatever
Degac Creep: they're different
Degac Creep: Boa is cute
Degac Creep: Bada is hot
Degac Creep: I would not have sex with Boa
Degac Creep: WOULD, however, have sex with Bada
DarkMsy: I wouldn't have sex with either of them, but I'd so do Hyori and Lexy
Degac Creep: you don't even know Lexy
DarkMsy: going on looks alone
Degac Creep: then why would you ever have sex with Hyori?
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