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A Rant and then A Rave

Fucking people on AIM... I would kill most of you with my bare hands if I could...

A few things to remember when talking to Liz on AIM
[x] Do not, for any reason, say "hi" or "hello" if you do not plan to keep talking. I am so fucking sick of ten people IMing me when I sign on with "hi" and then shut up. Don't do it.
[x] If I say I don't want to hear something or I don't want to talk about something, DON'T FUCKING SUBJECT ME TO IT. I don't care. Shut the fuck up.
[x] If I seem somehow bothered by something you've said and I've tried to tell you that I've been offended or I have a different opinion and don't think you're being very fair, then shut the fuck up and move on to another topic. No need for a fight to break out or for me to hate you any more than I already do.
[x] I love to share files, you guys know that. So if I'm talking about a clip or a music video and you want it, don't beat around the bush and please do me a favor by just asking for it. I can't read minds. Just let me know.
[x] If I spend six hours sending you shit, thank me. Simple as that.
[x] Absolutely do NOT IM me once in over a month and ask me to make you icons or a layout. No. I don't mind making things for people, but not for assholes who don't want to talk to me unless they want something.

... I think that just about covers it.

In other news

I put one of my older layouts up on acony for people to use.
It's the Withering To Death Kyo one I used a while back.
Link: HERE
And if I find my code stolen so you can make your own layouts, I'll eat your heart.
I'm going to do all my other layouts, too.
If anyone wants me to do a specific one first, let me know.
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