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Thanks to ravanna who posted that LJ addiction thing on her journal (which would have been funny enough to post on it's own... but...) I went and checked out the site it was from. Found out I'm a little scary.

In the "You Know You're Addicted to Dragonball Z When..." one... I have found some things that I've done. Honestly, I'm not all that proud... but showing up in other people's fandoms makes me kinda happy on the iside.

"You stand outside screaming "NIMBUS!!" at night (after all, you wouldn't want to embarass your parents by doing it during the day, would you?)"
Ok, I really haven't screamed Nimbus... but I have embarassed the fuck out of people by screaming "Kakarot" at them much like Broly does.

"You've actually convinced your friends that you met the Dragon Ball Gang last night for drinks."
Trunks and Vegeta are horrible drunks.
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