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Boring Update 101

A brief run-down

Updated on house_of_trust, tony_an, and moonheejun today. Felt pretty powerful. I am an H.O.T god. Don't fight it. Just let it happen.

Entered four icontests... I guess I'm cutting it kinda close for time, eh? Sad even because one of the ones I haven't entered is a free-for-all theme. I just can't make anything decent, I guess.

Have four more icons done for my Moon Hee Jun icon challenge. And one of them is entered in an icontest. Sexy.

Changed my desktop again. It's this sexy and chill picture of JTL. I just blew it up, softened it a bit and presto change-o, a sexy mother fucking JTL desktop.

Watched Waterboys with my brother... he laughed a lot so I think I'm influencing him with my Japanese movies. My mother watched Dark Water last week sometime, too. Maybe my whole family will get into them. That would be fun.

Finally got the H.O.T with the Backstreet Boys clip to work. Sound and everything. I love how BSB looks scared for their lives for most of the clip. Like, during Hee Jun's butt bounce, Brian's jaw is like slack off his face. And Kevin is just standing there like "these are not human beings, man... these guys are... something else..."
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