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Ok where does this shit come from?

I'm not in the mood to report on any of the stuff that's happened here so far because it kinda makes me sick to think about, but instead I'll mention a few good things.

I saw four episodes of Full Metal Panic... and it was enough to get ol' Oulan hooked for good. Since I don't have the power or preferred speed to do a massive torrent search, if someone could locate me some FMP episode torrents subbed OR dubbed, that would be awesome.

This kid spent a while... a WHILE trying to build up his Tekken Four skills... only to have me with my rusty playing and what all using characters I never use kick his sorry ass... I felt good... especially when I used Yoshimitsu and suddenly "remembered" all of his moves.

And I saw Blade. I hadn't seen it. Now I have.

None of these people have seen The Lost Boys. Isn't that like... a crime or something? It has to be. Anyone have law books around? Look it up for me. He also hasn't seen Event Horizon, the original Psycho, the original Halloween or any of those good time scary movies. I pity him.

He's also under the impression that I am a nice person. Ok where does this shit come from?

My birthday is coming up. What are you geting me?
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