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Eh heh heh

So today was pretty great.

This morning me and my mother went out because one of her friends was having a baby so we sat with her kids for like an hour until the real babysitter could show up. I wasn't there for half of it because my mother sent me out for coffee. This cute fellow was walking past my car while I was waiting at a stop light and I was kinda mumbling along with Bi's "It's Raining" and I looked out my window to see that he'd stopped and was listening to the music. He smiled and started bobbing his head and I looked away for a second and saw the light had turned green. I waved to the guy and drove away... but it was kinda hot how he was breaking it down on the sidewalk like he was.

And the reason I wasn't singing full-out was because of something that happened on the trip to Six Flags on Sunday. While the rest of the family went into the water park, I returned to the car for good eats and while I was there I put on some H.O.T to go with my thin wheats and orange soda. I was just getting to the second chorus of Outside Castle when this group of (I can only imagine) Koreans walked by. Two tall sexy dudes, three females of about the same age as the guys, one little girl, and an older gentleman. They just... stopped. We were parked on the end of a row so everyone walking into the park from us back had to pass us. I kinda just sat there looking like a deer caught in headlights while they stared at me like I was raping their entire heritage and hanging it out to dry. To be fair to everyone here, my outh was full of thin wheats and I was butchering the song... But still. It sucked. They finally moved along in complete silence and I hit my head on the wheel a couple times.

Those dudes were hot.

And we were on this upside down ride... I forget the name... and I saw these three sexy Japanese guys playing a basketball game. When we got off, they were gone. We saw them later in line for a roller coaster, but it was as we were leaving. All my rotten luck.

I am spending a week in Maine, though. I'll leave Wednesday or Thursday... point is, I'll be gone for some time. I hope you guys can manage life without me. I know it will be hard, but just keep in mind that I'm having a grand old time...
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