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I have to go to Six Flags tomorrow. Oh joy. I get to drive all the way out there listening to the family's crap headache-inducing music, get motion sick, then drag my poor, injured body around the huge park, get yelled at for not wearing a bathing suit... because I won't be wearing one, eat a crap lunch if I don't already feel like throwing up, be convinced to ride some hellish roller coaster, toss my crap lunch either on the ground outside the ride or while riding and get it all over the poor soul behind me... or in front of me depending on what direction we're going in, pass out on a bench, get picked up by security and spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out in the air-conditioned main office. All in all it sounds like a trip from the deepest depths of hell.

But a hot Korean might call me today.

Is this what they call "balance"?? That's horse shit. I want more for my agony.

Speaking of words that are almost spelled exactly like agony, I'll be updating acony at some point this weekend. Probably Sunday. As soon as my Tasuki icons are done.

And it's Juice's birthday.

Speaking of coming birthdays, mine is in exactly one month. What are you guys getting me?
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