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Graphics, oh my

Entered three icontests so far this week. Pretty confident about two of them.

Working right now on a massive update for kpop_uploads because I, as the creator, feel the need to constantly post a whole lot of shit... kinda like making sure everyone knows who is who's bitch.

Also working on the mood theme codes. I'll have those done just after the major update. I was thinking of posting the themes to dir_en_grey so they can get some love.

And there was someone that I was supposed to make a layout for but I can't remember who. They wanted a Moon Hee Jun layout. If this is you, let me know before seven tonight so I have enough time to make it before I sleep... because I want to get it done with. If you miss me before seven, I'll try to get it done tomorrow. I'll also need to know what you want in your menu and if you really need those blue hair pictures... because I hate them but if its what you REALLY want, I won't hold it from you.
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