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Yay for moods

I did it. I finally finished my beautiful Woo Hyuk mood theme. It took me five days... longer than any I've done before... but it was so worth it. There were a few small problems because the work on it was so spaced out. I kept using the same images over and over and having to go back and fix them. I remember making the Kaoru one took a solid three hours to make all the icons for. I did it all in one sitting. Not this one. I don't even remember how long Toshiya took.

Speaking of my Kaoru and Toshiya mood themes. If anyone is interested in me getting the images together, putting the code together and maybe writing out a small FAQ for installing, I'd be willing to share. But if nobody wants them, I won't bother.

Happy Sad Angry

Happy Sad Angry

Both have all 132 seperate mood icons because I'm insane and like to have all my moods have different icons. I'm not showing off my Woo Hyuk theme here because nobody is allowed to use that... ever... maybe not even when I decide to change it. How about that? HUH!?

And the results came in for three of the four icontests I entered this week. I placed in all three.

Respectively Third, Second, and Mod's Choice.

And now I am so fucking drained that I think I need to go to bed... and without reading. I know. What the fuck? Usually I can't get to sleep without reading something first.
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