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My computer is in the shop. Yes, my baby is no longer in my possession and that makes me a little sad. I guess I'm not so upset because I know it will be fixed when it gets back. Anyway, THIS IS FOR ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY'RE GONNA GET ME TO RUN AN ICONTEST NEXT WEEK, I won't be back until Wednesday or Thursday (unless I can get back here to the library on Monday... but still...) So get over it and run them yourselves. I'd post a list of themes you could use, but I'm just lazy. And I want to apologise to anyone who is running an icontest this week that I didn't enter... not like I can now, I mean, PSP left with the computer and jesus you guys would fucking die if you even saw the resolution this thing is on. It makes Liz weep bitterly for better days. OK... that is all.

~Liz/Oulan/Degac/Caged/what the fuck ever

By the way, if you guys miss me too much, my number is as follows:

See you all when I see you.

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