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Ok I'm gonna be serious here for a moment. Gonna give it to you guys straight. The Bleach manga kicks the shit out of the Bleach anime, but the anime definately makes Ichimaru look at least twice as evil. I mean, you just look at the guy and you know he's A. hiding something, B. just wierd, or C. evil as fuck... but seeing him in motion and hearing him talk makes you realise that he is... well... all of the above. Plus I think the animators hate him and Ichigo... because they never seem to get any particularly good shots... just creepy ones.

Oh yeah, 35 was good. Makes Kira look really badass. God I love the 3rd Division. Now I'm torn as to which icon to use with this. 3rd Division, Aizen and the bloody sword or waving Ichimaru?

Feh, yeah right. 3rd Division.
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