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Urahara Icon Gallery

HELLO AND WELCOME to this, the very first exhibition of "The Urahara Icons People Made For Liz". YAAAAY! *claps* OK! These are the eleven icons I've recieved from people so far, and I love them all so there aren't awards or special mentions or anything. NO YOU CAN'T EVER USE THEM... because I do... and they were made for me so back off bitch. If you want to use one (for whatever reason) you have to take it up with each icon's individual maker, not me.


01. 02. 03. 04.

05. 06. 07. 08.

09. 10. 11.

The makers:
othila_manaz - 01, 02, 03
psyhco_bunnie - 04, 05, 06
_dokidoki_ - 07
shintotchi - 08, 09, 10
silent_hometown - 11

Thank you guys so very, very much.

And I would never say no to more. *Evil grin*

Seriously, if anyone wants to contribute to my already massive collection of personal Urahara icons, you can. I put together a little gallery of screenshots I made of him and you can visit that here. (And I just added 9 more from episode 11, so theres like 102 pictures in there).

And I am willing to make you goodies in return. othila_manaz got these beauties at the promise of Urahara icons:

*puppy eyes* Make me icons?
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