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Woo Hyuk was just born. It was kinda gross... but I sat there with my box of crackers and watched the whole thing... Which is also kinda gross, but whatever.

For the uninformed, my cat is having kittens. I'm naming them in H.O.T age order, if you couldn't guess. It's alright, we won't be keeping them and I seriously doubt the new owners will keep the names. We always name the babies fucked up names... I think the last litter was Bam, Ryan, Raab, and one other one that ended up dead anyway so it's ok that I forgot.

So Hee Jun and Woo Hyuk are both going to be siamese. I know this because they're both white... and this cat does not give birth to solid white cats. Every cat that comes out white will be siamese. Right now, though, one is white and the other is red... *looks over the edge of the box* That's just nasty. Beans, clean that dancer up, man...

Oh, and I never showed off last week's icontest winners.

3rd, 2nd, 2nd

That last one is a piece of crap. I threw it together last minute for a contest I joined... at the last minute... and how it won 2nd I'll never know. I don't even think I voted in that one. Oh well, it's hard to keep up with these bastards.

Mid week icon update
Icons done for icon challenge: 8 + 3 alternates
Icons done for icontests: 5 (but I'll probably only use 2)
Icontests not yet finished: 9 (holy shit)

I better get cracking.
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