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Gay Asian Porn

Othila Manaz: the first part should come with a warning
Othila Manaz: man with sweatband on penis
Othila Manaz: he puts a wrist band on it and it has a littlestar on it
Othila Manaz: it's like wtf
Othila Manaz: you should just skip to the hot couple
Degac Creep: *skimming ahead*
Degac Creep: AHA
Degac Creep: ok hot
Degac Creep: this makes life good
Othila Manaz: tell me if you got all of that couple
Degac Creep: ill tell you when it stops
Degac Creep: damn this guy... his hands are fucking EVERYWHERE
Othila Manaz: which
Degac Creep: dark hair
Degac Creep: osnap
Degac Creep: didn't even see what the other guy was doing
Degac Creep: <.<
Othila Manaz: what was he doing
Degac Creep: more groping
Degac Creep: wow, ok, they need to level out the naked
Othila Manaz: oh ..they do
Degac Creep: one mostly naked and one fully clothed isn't working for Liz
Degac Creep: ok much better
Degac Creep: ok time to lose the underwear boys
Othila Manaz: oh they do that too
Othila Manaz: tellme when XD
Degac Creep: oh we are way past that
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