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Reliving Prince of Tennis

Oh man.

I don't know why I put off rewatching this show until now. Just reliving some of the little things makes it so worth it. Like, episodes 25 and 26. You know, Ryoma vs Tezuka. Good times. And episode 23 with the golden remix juice... with the bug in it... mmm. And 27. Oh man. As an avid Kaidoh lover, I have to say that hearing him laugh while playing with Karupin makes the whole series worth it.

I'm behind on Bleach by two episodes... wait, no, three because I got 29 but never watched it. And 31 came out this week so... dammit. Oh well, Prince of tennis is better... I'll catch up on Bleach after I get past 153 of PoT. Which kinda sucks because I only have up to 115 I think. Time to locate the rest. I'm pretty sure I know where to look, though, so no worries.

And the icon challenge for Kaidoh is going pretty well. I'm at 19 different themes, but 23 icons due to variations and still frames. And some of them are really fucking good. I mean, I use icontests to try out new styles and see how people respond to them, but with an icon challenge there's nobody to rate me... so I'm just going all out. I made one icon using an animation for rain from the upper left hand corner of a scene of Momo talking... and it came out so fucking good. Fuck that hand-made rain animation crap.
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