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One thing I love about Prince of Tennis is that nobody can ever just... suck. There always has to be a reason why they're losing or why they can't hit something or why they slip or why the ball hits them in the face... ALWAYS. I'd like Ryoma to just once say "Yeah, dudes... that sucked... and it was my fault because I'm not good enough." But it won't happen because it's an anime and even when the main charater loses, there has to be a reason for it... like some super high smashing brain crushing return or something... yeah something like that.

Actually, I'd also like to see a super high smashing brain crushing return, too. Maybe, if I'm getting wishes I might as well go into detail, it can be done by someone who isn't too big on the heavy hits anyway... like not Taka... Plus, I think if he smashed someone's head in I think he might cry. He looks like someone who would cry. And I really don't want to see him cry. Seeing Taka cry would be like seeing Kangta cry. It just makes you feel like the world is coming to an end because there is no reason why someone that sweet and gentle should ever have to cry. And damn the world for making it happen.

What was I talking about?

Oh right, the return. I'd like to see someone like... Well, I don't want Fuji because he already has all those kickass counters and Eiji couldn't pull off a strong shot like that for his life... Not Ryoma because he gets enough attention... maybe not Momo because he smashes enough... it just wouldn't be Inui or Kaidoh's style...


That's it! Inui!

I want to see Inui smash someone's face in. And blood. I want Inui to hit someone with a ball so hard that their face implodes and blood gets all over the net. That, my friends, would kick so much ass. Of course, then the other regulars would have more to be afraid of than the god damned penal-tea.

Oh, and a side note... I've been put in charge of kmusic_awards for this weekend's voting and next week's theme... so you bitches who are part of it better freaking beware the wrath of a tennised-out pressured iconist who had better place in one of these ten icontests this week or fucking else.

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