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You Better Be Ready

This Sunday... *grins like a freaky fangirl* ... it's his birthday. Oh no, it's not just Mother's Day, folks. It's Liz's Holiday... that one day of the year that every H.O.T fan has to give the same amount of attention to the same man. That same man that Liz obsesses over every other day of the year. It's the one day that Liz feels like a god for loving him while others didn't.

Jesus, you should just fucking see the shit I got for his cake. I figured I'd follow tradition and go Funfetti but then I mixed up the norm with a litte cream cheese frosting, some blue gel to write on it, and the oldies but goodies... the 3 and 5 number candles.

And my stupid mother (who should know better, trust me on this) was like "He's turning 35?" And I'm like "Yeah, mom. He's turning 35 again. Just like last year. He turns 35 every single year". And then she gave me this look like "I don't need your sarcasm" so I told her his real age and all my plans for his party. She didn't care, but oh well.

And there's this hide fan pissing me off right now. I don't need this bullshit. I need to calm down... Maybe I'll rewatch eps 1 and 2 of Loveholic. Kangta is soothing to the fangirl-abused soul.

And I think I'm finally ready to say it. I'm a fangirl... but I do it so well. Or maybe, maybe I'm just borderline fangirl where I don;t yet NOT care about the music... but I appreciate the looks a lot more than I should... like that? I need to stop thinking about it.
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