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What the fuck?

DarkMsy: *has Vampire on repeat and will keep it there until either HIC finishes or I find Pink Spider*
DarkMsy: no idea why I mentioned that lol
Degac Creep: don't... ever... I hate that song
Degac Creep: let it go
Degac Creep: and don't ask
DarkMsy: O.o you hate Vampire? it's my new favorite TRAX song ^^; (well, second fave. Over the Rainbow (rock) and Paradox tie for first)
DarkMsy: or you hate Pink Spider?
Degac Creep: Beat Traitor and Paradox are better
Degac Creep: Vampire just blows cock
DarkMsy: I like Beat Traitor too
DarkMsy: but I like Vampire more =P
Degac Creep: well, now I have to watch HIC to get that crappy music taste out of my mouth
DarkMsy: I know you told me not to ask, but of course I have to: why don't you like Vampire?
Degac Creep: *cough*
Degac Creep: because it's crap
DarkMsy: no it isn't. the Pink Spider ripoff thing when he yells Vampire kinda annoys me, but other than that, I love this song
Degac Creep: no, its crap

Do you people WANT to annoy me? Is that it?
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