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A rant... and then a rave...


I keep wanting to go back and rejoin it just because of my devotion to the man... but I can't. I go back for like, three seconds to look at it and get this sick feeling in my stomach. Nothing pisses me off like rabid Woo Hyuk fans. Nothing.

And what is with the person who runs it? I haver never before in my life seen a worse "Woo Hyuk fan". She like posts a random fucking picture that any decent fan has already fucking seen and is like "jeez omg, this so so awesome!" and I'm just sitting here like "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!??!?" I am willing to bet all the money I will ever get that she made the community simply because she wanted a fucking community to say was "her's". She is the reason why I never made a Hyuk community myself... I can't fucking deal with fans like that.

And not a single one of them seems phased by the thing with Newest. Fuck, I bet half of them don't even know what the hell Newest is. Woo Hyuk fans my damn dirty ass.

Look at me, I'm all worked up.


AND THEY ARE ALWAYS LIKE SEVEN DAYS BEHIND THE REST OF THE WORLD WHEN IT COMES TO NEWS OF THE MAN! There are kpop-hating, people-eating, lab-enhanced rats in Brazil who know more about Woo Hyuk than they do. Together, that community's knowledge of him equals about how much I know about performing knee surgery.

And why don't I join simply to make fun of them or always make them look stupid? Because, and I'll say this one more time for those of you who don't talk to me on a regular basis, Nothing pisses me off like rabid Woo Hyuk fans. Nothing.

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