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Real Magic

Ok so about three or four months ago me and Steph were just sitting there... I think in the living room... maybe we were high or drunk, maybe not... not the point... or maybe it is. *Pauses* Anyway. We were sitting there and I ask "Hey Steph, do you believe that there is Real Magic?" and she was like "... yeah" and I was like "I think David Blaine has Real Magic..." and we laughed for a while, I think... I don't really remember... ANYWAY so not long after that (maybe a month) we were looking through an H.O.T gallery and we found this one group picture and I thought something looked a little odd and then it hit me. I leaned over to her and whispered "Kangta thinks he has Real Magic" and of course we both laughed for a long time. And ever since we've been seeing H.O.T in a new light and catching things in clips that just might be Kangta's Real Magic. For examples of his Real Magic, just watch the Iyah MV... yeah, try to tell me that ain't Real Magic.

So, remembering all this, I went through my 3,487 (I just checked) H.O.T pictures in search of the image that started it... and after about ten minutes of looking, I found it. I cut it out of the larger image so that it wouldn't rape your friends pages... and here it is...

Kinda makes you think about my Kangta being Tinkerbell comments, doesn't it? I didn't connect the two theories until last night, though... and that's kinda sad.
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