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Ha, so I love spreading the clone love.

Degac Creep: ah! I FOUND THE CLONE PICTURE! I knew I had it *happy*
PsychoVampBunnie: clone? o.o
Degac Creep: insert clone picture here
Degac Creep: tell me that shit is coincidence
PsychoVampBunnie: O_O ........
PsychoVampBunnie: what the hell
Degac Creep: yeah
PsychoVampBunnie: I feel better about confusing them now
PsychoVampBunnie: u_u
Degac Creep: I think Tony didn't get the memo
PsychoVampBunnie: or maybe him and the dog are dressed the same
Degac Creep: ha ha ha
PsychoVampBunnie: their hair is closer in color XD;
PsychoVampBunnie: that just kind of scares me..
Degac Creep: scares me too
Degac Creep: they should NOT look that similar
Degac Creep: I've never had a problem telling them apart... but if they just up and started walking around like that I think I'd have an issue
PsychoVampBunnie: XDD;; *randomly notices the dalmation balloon in the bg* that's for Hyuk >_>;;;
Degac Creep: maybe it's for the dog
PsychoVampBunnie: I wouldn't be too suprised really

The clone image in question?

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