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I am drained... completely... I've uploaded Full House through episode 13 for kpop_uploads (Bi is lucky I love him and feel like spreading the love) AND I just finished uploading some rather sizely High Five episodes that I now must go and delete from my files because I need that space for other, more imprtant things... like other, more important H.O.T clips. I hate deleting H.O.T stuff, but feh. I also had to fix the layouts for dracoslovebunny and hot_tub because the host decided to put porn up in the place of some of the images and that wasn't going over well with my sister.

I also made myself a new default icon to match my layout that I will use with this entry so you all can see how amazing it is ("Woo Hyuk PULSES" ~ my sister). And I entered six of the seven icontests I watch this week... so I hope I win at least one.
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