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Goodbye To The Casbah

Today is a sad day for Liz's LJ. She has deleted the icon she's been using for the longest. And because it had such a beautiful place in her heart, she's written up a little thing about it:

Sometime in July of last year, Liz (oulan) made an icon for herself that would prove to be the icon that pissed more people off than even the "Miyavi is better than Gackt" one simply because every time she used it, it was immediately followed by "I rock the casbah" or "I'm better than you" or the rare "I rock more casbah than you"... all of which had people grinding their teeth after the first sixteen or seventeen times she did it. Some may believe that a world without the casbah icon may not be a world that they want to live in, but she wants everyone to know that all will be alright.

So, hot hide rock the casbah icon, this casbah rock is for you!

*Puts on Rock the Casbah*

*Three minutes, forty three seconds of not talking and just listening*

We'll miss you.

The GOOD news is, Liz made a new hide rock the casbah icon a mere ten minutes after deciding that the old one had to go... and she's using it with this entry.
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