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Lunar's Bleach 28 is out. SEXY. Of course, now I just have to wait for the torrent to finish.... but THEN it will be sexy.

Entered two of the six icontests this morning, one with two icons. *Sigh* Still have a lot of work to do, though... and for the record, the reason I'm so behind is because I spent over four hours yesterday working on a layout for iryokuatae and by the time I was done, I was graphiced out. By the way, check that shit out. The chatlog in the entry before this one refers to that layout.

And I need to put this chatlog somewhere. You don't have to read it (and if you're a Kangta fan, I deeply suggest you skip it) because this is really just for my own personal reference and amusement.

Degac Creep: I think for this We Are The Future live, they were all on speed
PsychoVampBunnie: I just remember noticing it and wondering what happened o.o;
Degac Creep: mhmm
PsychoVampBunnie: XD *dies at that*
PsychoVampBunnie: very happy boys?
Degac Creep: they're all bouncing around like they think they're Woo Hyuk on his best of days
PsychoVampBunnie: Even Jae?o.o; *always watches him cause he doesn't move as much as everyone else*
Degac Creep: and Hee Jun... jesus, someone hit him to make him stop
PsychoVampBunnie: you mean after he got hurt o.x?
Degac Creep: no this was long before that
Degac Creep: the man is crazy
Degac Creep: Jae is... not being Jaeish
Degac Creep: ok next one... KANGTA SHUT THE FUCK UP

PsychoVampBunnie: o_o wow... I remembered his name at first by calling him lazy Jae >>; cause of how he danced in the git it up MV
PsychoVampBunnie: is he talking like a squirril?
PsychoVampBunnie: ... *doesn't care how much she fucked that word*
Degac Creep: no, he's just doing that stupid, loud, annoying vibrato thing he does with his voice... yeah I know I spelled that wrong
Degac Creep: and he just won't stop
PsychoVampBunnie: is it scary o_o
Degac Creep: like the whole beginning of this song is Kangta "woah-ah-oh"ing into the mic
Degac Creep: like a full twenty seconds of woah-ah-oh
PsychoVampBunnie: I think I remember that from Outside Castle... or I could be insane xD;
Degac Creep: and yeah-eee-ay-yah
Degac Creep: right but this shit doesn't belong in We Are The Future
Degac Creep: which I like for it's complete lack of Kangta being a fuck
Degac Creep: ok, my bad, he goes for 40 mother fucking seconds, not 20
PsychoVampBunnie: the hate XD;
Degac Creep: heh heh
Degac Creep: it's not that I hate Kangta
Degac Creep: ... or maybe... maybe on some level, it is
Degac Creep: but, that's not my point
Degac Creep: my point is... he's just fucking annoying
PsychoVampBunnie: *keeps laughing* >.O; Well, it seems kind of selfcentered but I find that fine o.o.. <- self centered...
I just keep note they use his best songs for his MVs
Degac Creep: ok that fuck just totally ruined Hee Jun's part *eyes glow red* HE WILL DIE
PsychoVampBunnie: *was missleaded* ._.
Degac Creep: *is watching this all the way through for the first time*
PsychoVampBunnie: O_O NO *holds you back* he's innocent... of being deaf to what song they're singing
PsychoVampBunnie: ;o; use a trank gun don't kill him
PsychoVampBunnie: slap him around a little
Degac Creep: hopefully he shuts up long enough for Hyuk to do HIS part
PsychoVampBunnie: if he doesn't I'll give you the knife o.o;
Degac Creep: ok who the fuck was making that noise?
Degac Creep: ok, it was only Junnie
PsychoVampBunnie: I love how you ask questions like I know o_o
PsychoVampBunnie: XD
Degac Creep: phew
Degac Creep: I saw that Tony and Jae didn't have the mics to their mouths
Degac Creep: if it had been Kangta... I really would have started killing
PsychoVampBunnie: what did it sound like?
Degac Creep: something odd
Degac Creep: repetative
Degac Creep: annoying
PsychoVampBunnie: elephant being shot? o.o
Degac Creep: figured it really could only be one person
PsychoVampBunnie: you were thinking it was KangTa xD; cause of the annoyance factor?
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep: *clubs Tony* move a little, boy!
Degac Creep: no zombies on stage!
PsychoVampBunnie: *takes the club away* T_T;; he just doesn't feel like moving
Degac Creep: *snarl*
PsychoVampBunnie: and zombies move ._.;
PsychoVampBunnie: O_O *hands the club back*
Degac Creep: oh look another We are the Future live
Degac Creep: lets see how bad this is
PsychoVampBunnie: you must be so happy
Degac Creep: omg Hyuk
Degac Creep: HA HA Kangta looks like a monkey
Degac Creep: I think this might be another speed perf
PsychoVampBunnie: <- only has Candy, Tooh Ji, and IYah live.. and that's one song each >_>;;
o_o; are they wearing suits or something
PsychoVampBunnie: wait there's that Happiness live o_o; *thinking to herself aloud*
Degac Creep: they usually act like they're drugged when they're not actually singing
Degac Creep: good god, get a gun
PsychoVampBunnie: its cause you don't have to worry about making noises like "O GI,d, ' while trying
PsychoVampBunnie: o_o
Degac Creep: Kangta has to stop
PsychoVampBunnie: is he doing it again?
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: he can't cause the song isn't live
PsychoVampBunnie: is he strangling Hyuk?
Degac Creep: he's just.... words can not describe
Degac Creep: a freak
Degac Creep: there we go
PsychoVampBunnie: o_o
PsychoVampBunnie: I'd like a word or two XD;;.. that works
PsychoVampBunnie: he's not like... licking Tony or something?
Degac Creep: he's definately on something
Degac Creep: no he's like... bouncing five feet in the air
Degac Creep: thinks he's fucking Tinkerbell or something
PsychoVampBunnie: I think he's getting his two jobs backwards o.o...
Degac Creep: oh look, Tony's moving
Degac Creep: *pets* good monkey
PsychoVampBunnie: He can do that sometimes
PsychoVampBunnie: *gives Tony candy*
Degac Creep: oh look, Taya's being angsty for no fucking reason
Degac Creep: *smacks him*

And because I couldn't resist:

PsychoVampBunnie: its all your fault Tinkerbell ._.
Degac Creep: Kangtabell
Degac Creep: TinkerTa
Degac Creep: eh heh heh
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