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This is what happens when we download Korean labeled JTL clips off of emule. We get them, have no clue what they are, watch them and pray they're not porn... So it was my turn to share a found clip...

Degac Creep: *breaths* omg
BlackInAzkaban: ??????
Degac Creep: *fangirl attack* ... I need... air...
Degac Creep: this chick was just all up and touching Tony, right, and he was all like "no don't touch me" and she was all like "no, I'm going to" and then Woo Hyuk came up from behind Tony and was like "bitch get off"
Degac Creep: and like grabbed her arm and pried her off Tony
BlackInAzkaban: WHOOOOO!
BlackInAzkaban: omg
BlackInAzkaban: that made my heart sing
Degac Creep: omg, I know right?
BlackInAzkaban: *sigh*
BlackInAzkaban: the Love is flying
Degac Creep: and he's all like "*reason reason* he's mine, understand?" and she's like "oh, I'm sorry... he's just so pretty"
Degac Creep: I made those lines up
Degac Creep: they should have had me write this thing
Degac Creep: it would have been sexier

and later, when he watched it...

BlackInAzkaban: ahah! "bitch..get off!"
Degac Creep: heh heh
BlackInAzkaban: I want this girl to clear her throat and go away for touching my tony!
BlackInAzkaban: *poke her right in the eye*
Degac Creep: I want her to go away because she made Woo Hyuk touch her
Degac Creep: *nods*
BlackInAzkaban: haha
BlackInAzkaban: ok I'll poke the right eye, and you poke the left
BlackInAzkaban: lol
Degac Creep: at different times so she remembers it
BlackInAzkaban: yes
BlackInAzkaban: lol
BlackInAzkaban: you first.. then make her walk down the road
BlackInAzkaban: lol
BlackInAzkaban: then I'll get the other
BlackInAzkaban: because it's always Ladies first ^_~

Ah, fangirling... fanboying... fanpersoning...
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