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YES! God, these took forever. From the thought process yesterday morning to the uploading just now, I have never spent so long on a set of colorbars. Ok, let me explain these. Jae Won needed a colorbar... so I was suddenly reminded of his... facial expressions... eh heh heh, and so the Jae Won facial expressions colorbar was born. Then I recalled back when I made the "Woo Hyuk has your screaming, dancing kpopper's balls in a vice" one and how I had originally made it all for myself but everyone liked it so I decided to share. So I thought that I needed one for myself and only myself. Nobody else can ever use this one. And then, while making the Jae Won one, I came across a couple pictures in his live folder that stood out... and the live one was born. So, Jae got two colorbars this time.

Jae Won's more than commonly "zoned out" facial expressions are love

Woo Hyuk is mine... get over it

This one down until I figure out wtf is going on here

Jae Won zoned out:

New to the scene:
- For those of you who can't read well, NO, YOU CAN NOT GET THE CODE FOR THE WOO HYUK ONE. That one is mine so you can't use it.
- As always, if you want the pictures I used for these, IM me (Degac Creep) and I'll send them to you.
- If you feel like uploading them to your own host, that's swell, but you are not required to. It really doesn't matter much to me.
- I'd prefer if you didn't change the text, but let me know if you are.
- AND if you have any colorbar requests, let me know.
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