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Steph is pissing me off

I know I've said it like... at least 14 times or something... but every fucking time Charlotte comes back, Stephanie is a complete bitch to me. I have no idea why. On any other day me and Steph get along really well. She's into my music, she pretends Koreans live in the house with me... It's really swell. Then Charlotte shows up and suddenly I'm not good enough to hang out with... or even treat decently. They'll sit there and mock me, or make fun of me... right with me there. Saying stupid shit... true shit, but stupid shit. I developed the inability to deal with hearing the sraight negative truth about myself and not getting pissed so I'll usually have to give up what I'm doing and leave if I don't want to deal with it. And if I ask them to stop they'll usually just say something like "If you don't like it leave. This is the living room. Anyone can talk in the living room."

AH! And so Charlotte came home for an emergency kind of visit... something about having an infection of the pee shoot because she's been having too much sex... I guess she told my mother finally that she's been sleeping around, but my mother doesn't yet know it's with chicks. I think I'll tell her. I mean, if they can't respect me enough to leave me alone when I ask, why the fuck should I let something like the fact that my sister is a lesbian slide? *Evil grin*

Anyway, so today... like twenty minutes ago or so... me and Steph were looking through those things on jrockhumor where they post in rating communities as jrockers... anyway, Steph tells me all "queen of the world" - like that I should do one. (Side note: Charlotte has already left by this point) So I told her no because I'll read them an all but joining a rating community just to prove some dumb idiots are dumb idiots just isn't my "thing". So she keeps bugging me over and over to do it and I get really pissed about it and she finally let's it go... or so I thought... She brought it up again like five minutes later and I yelled at her that I wasn't going to do it so she should stop. Then she got up to leave, mocking me the whole way. I was telling her that there was really no need for her to be mocking me and... as I was telling her that she was mocking me... So I got up from this chair and chased her down the hallway, stopping just long enough to pick up a pack of unopened bar soap from the bookshelf and hurling it at her head.

God that felt good. I haven't physically hurt anyone in a very long time... I had to stop because it was becoming like a sick obsession... That may have been an overshare. Anyway, it all came back and as the pack of bar soap split into two pieces and went flying, I celebrated a bit inside... 1. because it actually hit her, and 2. because it split and bounced a good two feet into the air. It was beautiful. My arm isn't used to throwing things accurately anymore... it's been a very long time since I played softball...

Anyway, so yeah. Pissed at Steph something fierce right now.
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