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That is FUCKING it

I'm done talking to people. On my AIM, at least.

And this has nothing to do with opinions or fights or I said/you said... none of that. I'm just sick of people in general. Were you all aware that seven people managed to piss me off, dash my dreams, and generally just shove sticks up my ass over the past five hours that I've been on? Seven. That is so fucked.

I need time alone. I need time to work on the things I want to work on without being bitched at. I want the time to watch an episode of whatever anime I choose to watch without being badgered about not talking to everyone. Fuck it. I need time away from you guys.

And I'm not talking about everyone. Hell, I'm sure there are some people who are going to take this the wrong way and think I'm talking about them but I'm really not.

We all have days like today. Just give me some mother fucking air, people.

Were you aware that I only have two icons done for contests this week? The deadline is Friday and I still haven't even thought up anything for two fucking contests. TWO. And can you guess why that is? Because people can't leave me the fuck alone. I will be waiting for someone to come on to show them something or tell them something or whatever and I'll put up an away message... but do people ever pay attention to those? Fucking NO! I'll be halfway done manually adding a border to font or some shit and someone thinks it's just OK to ignore the fact that I do not want to be disturbed and have put up an away message and they ruin all my work because they can't, for once, shut the fuck up.

*Looks at her own icon* ... damn you, Tony. That cutie monkey face of your's is going to kill me one day. I can never stay mad at anyone with that icon... Be glad I made it, fuckers!
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