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To Honor Juice... the only way I know how

I was going through the memories where I store all my chatlogs and decided today is a good day to revisit all my old convos with Juice.

It may be going down - Juice concerned about my slipping love of Suikoden... and my growing love for Diru

Alt's Av - It was pissing us off... so we formulated a plan...

Lesbian E-love - We love PoT. It makes us VERY happy... if you know what I mean...

Intelligent Conversation - I love talking to Juice about Shinya. It always makes my tomach hurt with laughter. This one's about his "parents".

Competing with mom - Listen... it scared me...

For the love of Gackt - No, you read that right.

*Rolls on the floor* - Give me a minute to stop laughing... jesus...

My favorite Juice chatlog ever - It's another Shinya one... so if you're a fan you should skip it. "hahaha XD shinya does not have a penis"

"If we were gay men" indeed - I think I've had similar convos with everyone I know

Juice and Diru - They mix rather nicely considering... more Shinya bashing...

Taste in music - Hobo vs PLC

Gackt only scenes? - Were there any? I dunno, I'll have to watch it again.

Blonde Hyde - I was making her a colorbar by request... <.< some people can just be mean.

If she asked me to marry her, I'd do it in an instant.
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