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Did it again

March 23rd: Switched from Jae Won layout to Minwoo and Eric layout

April 9th: Switched from Minwoo and Eric layout to Jae Won... of a different flavor...

This layout is... amazing. I like it at least twice as much as the last one... and that's sad because I really like Eric. So we're on to Jae Won... but wait... Liz, this isn't who we were looking for. You said Jae Won and we thought, naturally, you were talking about the babe from H.O.T, the group you're obsessed with. But who is this cutie? We clicked on your name to view the layout expecting our Jae Won and got... that? But he sure is cute...

Jae Won from Black Beat.

And a small chatlog about him to go along:

OutOfMyElephant: he's cute
Degac Creep: yeah he is
Degac Creep: I love his teeth
Degac Creep: *insert cutie closeup of his teeth*
Degac Creep: teeth
OutOfMyElephant: it's like kyo and totch had a korean baby!
Degac Creep: heh heh
OutOfMyElephant: *blink*
Degac Creep: I love it
OutOfMyElephant: huh?
Degac Creep: nothing
Degac Creep: life
Degac Creep: rocks
OutOfMyElephant: oh
OutOfMyElephant: okay
OutOfMyElephant: he has non-korean eye shapes sorta
OutOfMyElephant: so he COULD be kyo and totch's offspring
Degac Creep: heh heh, yes it's possible
OutOfMyElephant: + = Jae won.
Degac Creep: explain
OutOfMyElephant: ahem
OutOfMyElephant: Kyo's teeth and toshiya's teeth melded together equal jae won's teeth
OutOfMyElephant: and if were lucky kyo's body melded with toshiya's body equals jae won's body.
OutOfMyElephant: plus he has toshiya's eyes
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