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Why I love talking to Ryan

All in one conversation, I'll post the highlights.

Degac Creep: go to school
Apartment 76: Bah.
Degac Creep: do you want to end up like me?
Apartment 76: Doesn't everyone?
Degac Creep: sitting at home on the net all day
Degac Creep: wasting my life away
Degac Creep: sleeping when i please
Apartment 76: Sounds good to me.
Degac Creep: partying with invisable people
Degac Creep: telling everyone about how I just found out there's a cd player in my $300 car
Degac Creep: ... yeah, that sounds pretty sweet

Degac Creep: ok so.. there's this guy
Degac Creep: in this kpop group called Black Beat
Apartment 76: Mm hmm.
Degac Creep: who makes me want to think all asians are ugly
Degac Creep: that is so wrong
Apartment 76:
Degac Creep: I mean, I have seen some ugly people
Apartment 76: x10
Degac Creep: but fuck
Degac Creep: heh butt fuck
Degac Creep: sorry
Degac Creep: couldn't help it
Apartment 76: Haha. I just got that. Took me like 30 seconds.
Degac Creep: heh heh

Degac Creep: I was just walking back from the bathroom and I heard the Princess Mononoke soundtrack playing from downstairs and I started to wonder if I had left it out and then I remembered that I had been listening to it this morning while playing Pokemon Leaf Green and I took a few seconds to reflect on my really sad life
Apartment 76: Haha. Hahah. Oh man, Pokemon Leaf Green.
Degac Creep: shut the fuck up

Degac Creep: my Kangta poster got here and I learned something pretty sexy about my family
Apartment 76: They find him attractive?
Degac Creep: they all know who Kangta is... none of them have a clue about anyone else (except Steph) and it's not because I talk about him alot, because if that were the case then they would all know Woo Hyuk
Degac Creep: and the best part is this
Degac Creep: they only know who he is by face and as "that guy my father said he would fuck"
Apartment 76: Hahaha.
Apartment 76: Your dad said... that he would fuck Kangsta?
Apartment 76: That's rich.
Degac Creep: yeah it was like this
Degac Creep: I was watching the Hope MV late one night and my father came in here to sleep and he stopped to watch the screen for a few seconds right... and he made fun of the motorcycles liek he does for "not being real motorcycles" or whatever and then he saw him... Kangta in all his beautiful glory
Degac Creep: and he was like "that's a girl right?"
Degac Creep: and I was like "no"
Degac Creep: and he started leaving to smoke and he said, and I quote, "I'd fuck him"
Apartment 76: L.M.A.O. Hahahahah. Heh ha.
Apartment 76: (Falls to floor)
Degac Creep: what better, he's very racist towards asians, Koreans especially
Apartment 76: Not only did I just "L.M.A.O." which I'm not fond of doing, but I also did the "Donkey/Totchi laugh".

Degac Creep: Oh wow, I just found the hottest Black Beat gallery
Degac Creep: and Ahh *screams like a girl and jumps on you* its that ugly guy
Apartment 76: (Drops you while shielding eyes)
Apartment 76: It's even worse for me, because I haven't seen it.
Apartment 76: To me, he looks like the squid on top of Kaoru's head in FILTH.
Degac Creep: god, its not that bad
Degac Creep: never mention that Fashion Don't again
Apartment 76: Heh heh.
Apartment 76: FI-IL-IL-IL-IL-IL-ILTH.
Degac Creep: I like that song
Apartment 76: DREADLOCKS.
Degac Creep: *cringe*
Degac Creep: god, he's like an alien
Degac Creep: he COULD be directly related to that guy from Orange Range
Apartment 76: Like, that vocalist for "ORANGE RANGE" alien?
Apartment 76: Haha.
Degac Creep: heh heh
Degac Creep: that was too good
Apartment 76: As if a higher power was controlling us.
Degac Creep: indeed
Apartment 76: And now.
Apartment 76: He's forcing me to listen to "Hana".
Apartment 76: It's the fucking mother ship.

So from now on I want every conversation I have with anyone to be this good... and LJ worthy. So get with the IMing people. I don't have forever.
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