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Ah, beautiful

I finally spoke to my mother about how my sisters act toward me when Charlotte comes back for the weekend. She bitched them out and I broke into Stephanie like it was nobody's pajamas. I layed down every single thing about her that pisses me off or bothers me and she was forced to sit there and take it like a bitch because my mother was sitting two steps above her on the stairs and threatened to kick her if she opened her mouth. Usually I like to take Steph's side as opposed to my mother's but sometimes Liz has to let off a little steam.

I was irritated as it was because my mother and Charlotte got into a fight earlier and my mother ended up turning Charlotte's stereo all the way up and telling her not to turn it down. So it blasted loud, bass-filled, NOT-asian music for like two straight hours and I had a headache like you wouldn't believe. So I went up to ask my mother if I could turn it down or off because it was effecting the rest of the family, plus it wasn't having the punishing effect she had wanted it to have on Charlotte (who was told not to leave her room where the stereo was) because she had fallen asleep. My mother asked me what was so important that I had to do upstairs and I told her that I got a headache from hearing it in the living room. She shrugged and told me to get over it.

Then I found out Charlotte drank the Apple Juice I had saved for Jae Won's birthday. I could have strangled her. Then I found a pan that she had left in the oven... that she had left on. *Shakes head* And another thing *on a roll*. Whenever Charlotte comes back she eats all the food and drinks all the milk and on a regular week I can get away with doing the dished every other day but when she's here I have to do them twice a day. How is it that she dirties four fucking times as many dishes as THE REST of us do any other day?

So when I ripped into Stephanie about how her and Charlotte can't seem to leave me alone when they're together, I also ripped into Charlotte a bit. I had a silent party when she told us that she "wouldn't ever be coming back" and I almost cried in joy. Then she called my mother psycho and a stupid son of a bitch and screamed a few more times about never coming back and it became more and more beautiful with each time I heard it. Then, for reasons unknown to me, my mother completely fuckign forgave her and she'll be coming back after all. *clenches teeth* Not. Fucking. Fair.

So those bitches finally shut the fuck up, and that was the point of it all. For them to stop fucking talking to me if they can't be civil. Liz = 45, Stupid Bitches = 32.
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