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Last April Fools I shut down OFG for five hours saying that I wasn't opening it again because I woke up suddenly hating Suikoden. I don't have anything that can top that so this whole day has been anti-Fools day for me.

And othila_manaz sent me a picture of this hot japanese guy she saw working at a theme park. It is now my desktop. View it here:

He deserves a fan club.

And I made four Andy icons and one Kangta icon... but they are currently textless so when those are done I'll post them on acony. I think one of the Andy ones was completed... but that's it.

And I've been informed that I can't go anywhere tonight because I have to go to some motorcycle show with my father tomorrow. Yay for things that won't be fun. I think I'll jrock my hair and do my makeup like that dude from Pierrot to scare all the old biker dudes.

And a bit of warning: Tomorrow I plan to post a lot of bitchy things about those of you who annoy me. If you can't take it, I suggest you learn to ignore me or how to unfriend me. Yes, it's that time of year again... but theres not much you can do to make me feel better because I feel pretty good as it is.. Jae Won's birthday is Tuesday.
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