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Sure, you know, I was warned. My friend said to me "If you download one episode of Full House you'll be hooked". So of course I didn't because I told myself in the back of my head that if I get addicted to one more Korean drama, I'm going to have to start sacrificing goats to the god of hard drives just to be able to hold all that shit.

But Bi is in it! *groan* In the end, my love for Bi totally outweighed my love for my disk space and I downloaded that first 700 megs of drama. AND NOW I'M FUCKING HOOKED. I started sniffing around for episodes like a fucking crack whore and I spent most of the last five days obtaining them. Mmmm, life is sweet when you have Bi shirtless and wet.

And there's something that I feel I should share with you all so you can have a bit more understanding of just how fucked I am. Subject matter: Junjin of Shinhwa. EASILY not my favorite member of that group, yet... Every time I see him, even if it's for a split second and nothing more, I have this unexplainable urge to just... have sex. It's a level of horny not yet experienced by me. And of course when it reaches that level, I don't even care what I have sex with. I was about to watch Summer Vacation this morning and stopped myself within the first three second because I knew they show him first. I had to really think about the stuff laying around the desk and wonder if I could ever find them sexy.

So instead I looked through a Kangta gallery, and the entire time "Hungry Like The Wolf" was playing in my head. I've decided it's Kangta's theme song. Making the icon did not calm the urge to break out in "I'm on the hunt I'm after you" every time I see him like I had hoped it would.


Honestly, I don't know which effect is worse anymore. Hungry Like The Wolf stuck in my head, or extreme horniness.
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