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So I have officially decided that Photoshop blows hard core elephant cock and should die a million painful deaths. I've even begun to believe that maybe, just maybe, Photoshop is somehow affiliated to whatever evil demon child of Satan spawned SM... and Gackt... because I'm sure such evils must have come from the same vile source. This sort of thought pattern surfaces every time something bad happens to me, so you shouldn't worry much.

The bad news? I now have the most incredible headache I have ever had. Photoshop sucks. If you need an honest opinion on whether PSP or PS is better, go Paint Shop Pro. It will save you so much grief and head pain.

The good news? I was so fed up with that bullshit that I loaded up PSP and made two new icons to prove I wasn't a complete meat head and that I could make icons without Satan's graphics program. Brian and Se7en. Can't you just feel the love? Of course why I picked those two are totally beyond me... I mean Se7en is pretty kick ass and Brian is... you know... Brian...

The fuck? Gackt is visiting. This means I need to go out and buy tampons. Yay is me.
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