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Suikoden Survey

Stole it from Lady Chris.
Personally, I think my answers are better.
But I guess thats the point of a survey.


Favorite Suikoden Game: Suikoden I

Favorite Character of All Time: It has to be Luc... oh yes, the beauty for which I draw breath.

Favorite Hero: McDohl, hands down

Favorite Archer: Kinnison... he's just so cute. Plus, that whole bird thing...

Favorite Bastard: Hmm... bastard... Neclord was one evil fucked up bastard if you ask me...

Favorite Bad Boy: Oh god *paws pictures* Luc

Favorite Bitch: Sarah. She is the mother of all bitches. She stole my man.

Favorite Wannabe Hero: Hoi. He's just so... off.

Favorite Group: ...I'm gonna say... Jesus, what the hell does this question mean? I'm gonna go on instinct and say Wingers.

Favorite Jerk: Chaco. What the hell kind of evil penis steals all a persons damn money? Then makes you chase him? FUCK KNOB!

Favorite Wimp: Hix. He's such a loser. He's a Wussy with a capital W.

Favorite Strategist: Mathiu. That's why my son's gonna be named Mathiu.

Favorite Sleepy-Head: Juan... but only because he got my ass killed so many times.

Favorite Couple: Uh... hmm.... I really like Nash/Sierra. Damn, I just don't know.



Favorite Cook: Der... Hai Yo. Nobody shaked the salt like him.

Favorite Narcissist: Vincent. I loved his get-up in the second game... with all the bows... it was truely beautiful to behold.

Favorite Member of the 12th Unit: Ace... yeah, yeah, I have an old man crush. But from the first time I went through the game, I loved him.

Favorite Member of the Karaya Clan: HUGO! Oh, he's awesome!

Favorite Member of the Zexen Knights: Percy... there was no doubt. Its that hair thing...

Favorite Member of the Saint Loa Knights: Melville. I love his little bandana.

Favorite Member of the Destroyers: WTF? Luc. How many more questions will be about my baby?

Favorite Member of the Matilda Knights: Miklotov. BLUE KNIGHTS 4-LYFE!

Favorite Member of the Maximillian Knights: Fred. Because he oozes with valor. And I love valor.

Favorite Member of Duke's Crew: Thats easy. Duke.

Favorite Member of the Lizard Clan: Bazba. No special reason for this one... I just felt obligated to answer it.

Favorite Member of the Winghorde: OMG! Sid! Oh dear monkey! I love him! Sorry...

Favorite Member of the Highland Army: Seed. He's just so... so... Seedy.

Favorite City Mayor/Leader: Granmeyer... because he had the desency to die.

Favorite Vampire: Sierra. Well, it was her or Neclord... and I wasn't picking Neclord.

Favorite Kobold: Gon. He was so cute.

Favorite General: Teo. He was powerful, strong, devoted, and beautiful. Sorry... I feel an obsession coming on...

Favorite Dog: The first one... god I forget its name.

Favorite Animal Companion: Bonaparte or bust!.

Favorite Merc: Well, I'll just say Viktor.

Favorite Harmonian: If you can count Luc, then Luc... but if not then its Sasarai.

Favorite Mage: Luc

Favorite Guard: Luc... he guards the slab

Favorite Viktor Feature: The muscles... and the drinking...

Favorite Betrayer: ...there was really only Jowy... guess it has to be him

Favorite City: Kus Kus... where you get Oulan.

Favorite Knight: Miklotov.

Favorite Store Clerk: Chapman. He's my man, my mellow... which is actually what I say out loud when I visit his shop.

Favorite Hair Style: Tengaar had a sexy do going... but really I just like red heads.

Favorite Child Character: Melville... I believe I already spoke of the bandana.

Favorite Sailor: Anji. I love him. He's just so... so.... yeah

Favorite Member of the Performers: Nei. She's the only one decent in battle.

Favorite Guild Member: Howling Voice Guild: Clive gets my vote.

Favorite Duck: Personally, not a fan of the ducks... but I'll say the Sgt because he saved my butt so many times...

Favorite Farmer: Barts. He's the only one I ever liked.

Favorite Play: Romeo and Juliet. I loved making them perform like lesbians.

Favorite Useless Character: Sharon... cause she gets be be around *lip quivver* Futch all day.

Favorite Sound Changer: Connell. I have to admit, its the little hat.

Favorite Window Changer: I'm gonna reach out here and say Window.

Favorite Tinto Member: Ok, confusing question... but I'll say Koyu... because I love little kids

Favorite Scene: Gotcha (in no particular order)
1. When Leknaat appoints Luc to help out McDohl.
2. When Luc gets piss shitty on Sasarai in SII and lets off that nasty magic.
3. When Luc tears the true runes out of Geddoe, Chris, and Hugo respectively.
4. All the stuff that goes down in Green Leaf Academy.
5. The recruitment of Oulan
6. Gremio's Death
7. Luca's attack on Ryube
8. Rina macking it to the guards.
9. Nanami's Death
10. The end of Suikoden I when Flik and Viktor leave the group
11. Futch's assault on Gregminster and Black's death
12. Getting Sid.
13. Anything else that involves Luc in the slightest bit
14. The visit to the Village of the Hidden Rune.
I'm sure there's more...

Favorite Unite Attack: Luc/Futch/Sasuki or McDohl/Kai

Favorite Support Unit: Nadir or Tuta

Favorite Pirate: Again, Anji. There was time I could have said I loved him...

Favorite Blacksmith: Moose. He just be so scruffy!.

Favorite Hand-to-Hand Combat Member: Oulan! HOLY SHIT! Finally a question I can answer with her!

Favorite Herd-Person: Herd... person? Like... Yuzu?

Favorite Castle: Lake Toran Castle. So sue me, I loved the multi-floor rocky wonder.

Favorite Bath Builder: Sansuke. Just because I didn't like the other two.

Favorite Ninja: Sasuke. He's part of the Pretty Boy Attack

Favorite Member of the Pretty Boy Attack (out of Futch, Luc and Sasuke): Holy shit... this was meant to be. This test loves me. Luc.

Favorite Dragon Knight Member: Hands down Futch... part of above unite.

Favorite Elf: Stallion. I have this little... Stallion thing... don't kill me

Favorite Trickster: Juppo... I wanna get in touch with my SI roots.

Favorite Alcoholic: Viktor. Nobody takes the drink quite like this beauty.

Favorite Bartender: Leona. She had it all... brains, looks, charm... plus I think she was humping Viktor

Favorite Sidekick: Ewww... sidekicks... I'll say Wakaba and hope for the best.

Favorite Librarian: Eike. I love that line "Things could get ugly" or whatever.

Favorite Dancer: Karen. At least she had the desency to cover up when she wasn't working

Favorite Weapon: Yuber's two swords.. or just fists (think about it Pahn, Oulan, Morgan, Emily, etc).

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