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I had to do this because the song that was playing when I saw this was Line Up by H.O.T... and I thought "Heh... Line up in my pants"

Stolen from k0uryuu

Put your playlist on shuffle. Pick the first 15 songs that come up and add "in my pants".

1. H.O.T - Line Up in my pants
2. SM Town - Hello! Summer! in my pants
3. H.O.T - Candy in my pants (oh my...)
4. Bi - It's Raining in my pants
5. Deli Spice - Chow Chow in my pants
6. Taebin ft. Se7en - Real Luv Story in my pants (o.o)
7. JTL - Just Say Goodbye in my pants
8. Shinhwa - Hey Come On in my pants
9. Moon Hee Jun - Unexpected Farewell in my pants
10. Jinusean - Phone Number in my pants (call me anytime)
11. Nell - Stay in my pants
12. Moon Hee Jun - Persia Black Hole in my pants (it lies)
13. Se7en - Passion in my pants
14. H.O.T - Hope in my pants
15. MC Mong - 180 degrees in my pants (damn that's hot)

I think this proves two things: 1. I have too much time and 2. my Korean favorites list is very erotic.
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