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Chatlog Fun

I'm going to use this chatlog for two things.
1. My official review of Kangta's new album AND new video
and 2. More Moon Hee Jun pimping and love

Shin Fuuma: Persona pisses me off. Kangta doesn't look like Kangta
Degac Creep: Persona pisses me off because Kangta's music blows
Degac Creep: plus I'm used to the cutie little cry baby from H.O.T
Degac Creep: not this raunchy, greasy, hot sexy male I see in that video
Shin Fuuma: I second that
Shin Fuuma: and at least Moon Hee Jun kept his hairstyle
Degac Creep: Moon Hee Jun is a babe in every way. Me and Steph (my sister) sat down for a good two hours one day trying to find a flaw in that man and found nothing.
Shin Fuuma: lol
Degac Creep: we;re still waiting to find out that he kicks dogs or something
Degac Creep: eats with his mouth open
Degac Creep: tortures children, that sort of thing
Shin Fuuma: lol
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